• Partial recovery of wrecks

  • Dredging and beach nourishment

    Van den Herik has removed 2 ship wrecks at the request of Rijkswaterstaat.



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    On 16 January 2013 Rijkswaterstaat awarded Van den Herik Kust & Oeverwerken the contract for the deepening of the fairway at the site of two wrecks. The wrecks concerned were that of the Ariana in the Westerschelde and an unidentified vessel in the Zuider Stortemelk. The wrecks themselves also needed to be partially removed as they were in the way of shipping.


    The project included procuring the necessary unobstructed channel by removing the wrecks.



    Wreck 'Ariana' Westerschelde

    The Ariana was a Finnish steamship carrying a cargo of ore. She ran aground in 1952 and lies in the area controlled by Rijkswaterstaat in the Geul van Baarland in the Westerschelde in Zeeland. The Geul van Baarland is part of the subsidiary channel between the Sloehaven at Flushing (Vlissingen) and Hansweert.


    Unknown wreck Zuider Stortermelk

    The history of the wreck in the Zuider Stortemelk is unknown. It lies in the area controlled by Rijkswaterstaat in the Zuider Stortemelk north of Vlieland in the North Sea. The Zuider Stortemelk is the only marked channel between Vlieland and Terschelling.


    The Ariana and the wreck in the Zuider Stortemelk are two of four wrecks that Rijkswaterstaat is recovering, either in part or in whole, from shipping channels in 2013-16.

    Both wrecks have now been removed and the project has been completed to the client's satisfaction.


    For more information on this project (Dutch only) see www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/scheepswrakken.