• Your start in Water Engineering

We are always looking for 'water talent'

Students and graduates

Are you driven, creative and looking for a place where you can continue to grow and develop? We are always looking for ‘water talent’. You can work for us in a dynamic environment where there’s room for you to make your individual contribution. 



Whether you’re looking for a work placement or a graduation place, we offer plenty of opportunities that match your degree and interests. We supervise students in maritime, civil engineering and various office positions.
Our work placement interns operate as full-fledged employees of the department where they work. During your work placement, you will be supervised by experienced colleagues and given your own responsible tasks. If you’re eager to learn and ready to gain practical experience in a challenging environment, send your work placement application and C.V. to sollicitaties@herik.nl




Are you a recent graduate (or close to graduation) and looking for a fun place to work in hydraulic engineering? Start your career at Van den Herik. We offer a programme in which you can choose a specific direction after an orientation period.
When you start at Van den Herik you will be in the planning and control department or in site management. You’ll work in a team with people from different backgrounds and you can always count on guidance from experienced colleagues. 

Various disciplines

There are various disciplines you can focus on. You choose a discipline you’d like to start in. After you have acquired enough experience in that discipline, you switch to other disciplines. When you’ve come to know the whole company you can continue to grow in the area that appeals to you most. 



Education and training

We consider it important for our employees to develop themselves. We invest in programmes, training sessions and courses that match your job, or that apply to the whole company. For instance, you may be offered a course in new contract forms, or a training session in sustainable procurement. 


Your start!

As a graduate you start in:

Project acquistion

Here you are at the foundation of the business. Your challenge is to look creatively at potential projects and make the most attractive tender for the company. It’s not just about cost accounting. These criteria are also included in your plan: design variants, different methods of execution, environment management, risk assessment and sustainability. During the project acquisition process you work closely with colleagues and external parties. You visit project locations, collect information and prepare tenders


When a project is accepted it comes to you. Together with your colleague from project acquisition, you start making preparations for the project. You form a team with the project leader and site management. During preparation for a project, you have to deal with: designs, permit applications, making plans and scheduling. You remain closely involved throughout the execution of the project. You supervise the project and maintain with the client and external parties. You go on site visits and attend project meetings. 


As a superintendent you are the one in the field. During implementation of the project, you are the daily contact point for your colleagues, the client and the community.  As a site manager you coordinate work activities and monitor progress. You are the one that motivates everyone on site and you are in charge of ensuring a safe, responsible and efficient work process. You attend site meetings and report to the project management and planning engineers. You are the key player in the project; proper site management contributes to a successful project.  


Are you eligible?

Have you completed a relevant degree programme on senior secondary, higher or academic  education level? Are you driven? Do you feel like you can’t wait to work on great hydraulic engineering projects? Send a C.V. and cover letter to sollicitatie@herik.nl.