• Caring for the environment

We know our role in society


We know our role in society and the responsibilities that attend it. Water operations have an impact on the environment. We have concern for the local areas where we work and for their interests. 

Where there are buildings you have to do with people and communities. Providing good information is crucial for public support of the project. Being transparent and cooperating with all parties will contribute to a good outcome.


In our work we serve nature. Caring for the environment and sustainable use of materials play a leading role in this effort. Where possible, logistical adjustments are made to reduce CO₂ emissions. On a project-by-project basis we endeavour to work with balanced earthworks. 

Reducing CO₂ emissions


We consider the reduction of our CO₂ emissions as very important. Our focus is on sustainable use of raw materials and saving energy.

To determine where reduction in CO₂ emissions is possible, it is important first to get an idea of current CO₂ emissions. We do this twice a year by working out our Carbon Footprint. This carbon footprint calculation shows the total CO₂ emissions in the number of tonnes of CO₂. 


Energy reduction goal

We have set ourselves a goal for enery reduction. The aim is to see a reduction in the 2014-2017 period for a total of 2%.


Participating in various initiatives

To achieve our energy reduction goals we are always on the lookout for ways to improve. Participating in various initiatives for reducing energy consumption contributes to the achievement of our goals. In this way we also increase our knowledge in the area of energy reduction. We can then put that knowledge to use throughout our business operations or in specific projects. 


Environment Policy

This document contains our Environment Policy