• Working with water is our passion

Room for water, room for land and room for living

About us

We are hydraulic engineers. Working with water is our passion, it is our inspiration to come daily to infrastructure solutions.

This passion was born in 1945 when large parts of the Rotterdam harbours were destroyed. As part of post-war reconstruction, many quays and banks had to be restored. Jan Hendrik van den Herik, the founder of our company, did his share as a stoneworker. His family business developed into a versatile and innovative hydraulic engineering company.


Working together is the key to our operations


We collaborate with our clients, suppliers, knowledge institutes and other companies. All our activities are solution-oriented with a focus on sustainability and safety. The pool of expertise we share with our independent sister companies gives us a powerful edge in multidisciplinary projects.
Our straightforward culture is reflected in the way we work. Our approach is proactive and transparent. When a problem cannot be tackled by a standard approach, we provide creative and innovative solutions. Innovations are vital in a constantly changing world. We have a rich history of innovation.


Van den Herik