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Good care for people, the environment and the community

Sponsor policy

We understand our role in society and bear the responsibility that goes with it every day. Good care for people, the environment and the community play an important role in all our work. That’s why we consider it important to be able to contribute in other ways in addition to our work. 

Every year we receive many sponsorship and donation requests. Unfortunately, we are not able to honour all these requests. We have formulated a number of criteria for evaluating requests. These criteria reflect our core values and our activities.


Local involvement

We know the local area and what’s going on. Local involvement is important for us. We are involved in the community around our main office in Sliedrecht as well as in the areas around the projects we’re involved in.


Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic engineering is our core business. Your request for sponsorship must relate to our core business. This can relate to education or to innovative developments or research that needs support.


Submit a sponsorship request

If you would like to submit a request for sponsoring and/or donation, please complete the form below.