• The right expertise and equipment

Dredging is our core activity

Dredging and beach nourishment

Dredging is one of our main activities. We do dredging work all over Europe, from the Netherlands to France and Poland. We do dredging on inland waterways as well as at sea. 

Our dredging activities include:

- Maintenance of waterways and harbours
- Beach nourishments
- Land reclamation



Each kind of dredging activity calls for a different approach. The space for project execution and the local area determine the way in which the work can be done. We own a wide variety of dredging equipment, enabling us to carry out almost any kind of dredging work. To do these different dredging activities we have suction hopper dredgers and cutter suction dredgers. All our other equipment, including crane ships, is designed for dredging work as well.


Our years of experience help us to know exactly what equipment and expertise will be required to tackle a dredging project. We have all the skills and knowledge we need in house!


Aquatic Sediment Intervention and Aquatic Sediment Remediation

Soil can become contaminated, whether on land or under water. Often this is the result of human activity, but natural processes can also have an influence on the quality of aquatic sediment. Contaminated sediments are a danger for ecology and public health. 
An intervention or full remediation of aquatic sediment is a specialist job requiring special equipment. That way we prevent contaminated soil from coming in contact with clean soil during project execution and we ensure a safe working environment for our people.