• Dredging works in Sandfalle / Seekanal Rostock

  • Dredging and beach nourishment

    Van den Herik GmbH was commissioned by WSA Stralsund to carry out dredging works at the Sandfalle on the Seekanal Rostock, Germany.

    To maintain the entrance to the port of Warnemünde and the Rostock, the channel must be kept at depth. To dredge less frequently, a beach nourishment (Sandfalle) was made in front of the harbour entrance. This additional dredging and broadening serves as a buffer for the sand to settle there. This way the sand won’t settle in the channel and the harbour of Warnemünde and Rostock will remain accessible for vessels.


    The works were carried out in the Spring. Approximately 150,000 m3 of sand was dredged from the channel and the beach nourishment and deposited in the designated section.