• Beach nourishment Domburg

  • Dredging and beach nourishment

    In 2012 Van den Herik fulfilled a contract for sand replenishment at Domburg for Rijkswaterstaat's North Sea division.


    TSHD Christophorus rainbowed the first sand onto the beach at the busy summer seaside resort of Domburg on 16 February. 

    The total extent of the work was 250,000 cu.m., plus the amount needed to raise the level of the beach to 3.50 m. above NAP. The final cubic metres were pumped on 10 May 2012. 


    Suppletie Domburg

    Suppletie Domburg
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    Having commenced somewhat earlier than originally planned so as to minimise disruption to beach businesses and other users, the work was eventually completed four weeks before the planned completion date!
    The work started from the landward ridge or berm by the Oase beach restaurant, sand being rainbowed first to the north and then in a southerly direction.
    Five hundred metres out the Christophorus used a floating pipe connected to the sinker pipe to pump the mix of sand and water ashore, where a bulldozer and mechanical shovel then spread the sand over the beach.



    Given that the beach is always a tourist attraction, plus the considerable spectacle provided by the work, much attention had been given to public safety. This included using a narrow-bore pipe to provide a narrower front on which the sand was deposited. To ensure the safety of bystanders a team of safety wardens were present to monitor the barriers and ensure that spectators and passers-by could all enjoy not only the sun, sea and sand but also the work in progress.

    In the past Van den Herik has also carried out beach replenishment works elsewhere including Poland and France.