Nature comes first at deconstruction of dam ‘La Roche Qui Boit’ in Selune river in France

In this project, Van den Herik and NGE-Guintoli will be responsible for the dredging and storage in geotubes of the estimated 210.000 m3 sediment for EDF (Electricité de France).


In a recently published video Stéphane Tripoz, environmental engineer at EDF, explains to us why the sediments are removed from the bed of the Sélune river and which actions are in partnership with specialists (CPIE and GMN) to preserve the habitat of the protected species present on the site. Like adaptation of the course of the river, the creation of ponds for amphibians and nesting boxes for swallows, and securing a building for bats.


Watch the video by clicking  this link (it is French-spoken). It gives a good impression of the site and the careful approach!