• Initialdamm Medemrinne

  • Shore and bank protection

    In a joint contract with Van den Herik Kust- en Oeverwerken B.V., Van den Herik GmbH has been awarded the contract to carry out the "Initialdamm Medemrinne" project.

    The project concerns the construction of an underwater dam with a length of 2,100 m, consisting of approximately 300,000 tonnes of quarry stone 1-200 mm. This stone is brought in from Norway by ships of about 40,000 tonnes. Because these ships have to be unloaded within 5 days, work on this project continues 24/7.

    The quarry stone is discharged on site with self-propelled split barges/hopper barges and then modelled into position with a hydraulic crane on a pontoon and with a crane ship. Surveys are performed on a daily basis.

     The aim of the project is to create storage space for dredged material that is released during the deepening of the river Elbe.