• Anpassung Einfahrt Vorhaven (AEV)

  • Constructive engineering

    Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) commissioned Van den Herik GmbH for the constituent project Rückbau Tollerort und Verfüllung Kohlenschiffhafen. The project is part of the ‘Anpassung Einfahrt Vorhaven’. The aim of the total project is to improve and enlarge the shipping lane for large container ships to the container terminal. 


    The project consisted of removing a frontal portion of the Tollerortkade and backfilling the Kohlenschiffhafen. The existing structure and bank protection of the front of the Tollerortkade was removed, shortening the quay. The new construction is made of combi-wall. A barrier dam was constructed for backfilling the Kohlenschiffhafen.


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    Sustainable use of materials


    This project used sustainably sourced, locally available materials. The material used to build the barrier dam and backfill the Kohlenschiffhafen came directly from the portion of the Tollerortkade that had been removed.


    Working flexibly with environmental factors


    The Elbe/Vorhafen area is subject to tides. This requires a certain flexibility in the planning and execution of our work. We also remained aware of our surroundings at all times to keep any hindrance of shipping traffic to a minimum.  


    Successful completion


    We began the project in 2014 and successfully completed it in early 2017. For more information, see the video made by HPA made for the completion: 

    Hamburg creates space for container giants – Last pile removed